About Us

Dedicated Servers are ideal for Larger Businesses
and High-Traffic Websites

We define ourselves with our love for hosting, our customers, and their web presence.

Mobihost takes pride in being a number one web hosting service provider as we keep on delivering practical yet powerful website hosting solutions, regardless of the size and budget. When our clients reach us, they present us with their ‘Big Goals’ that they look forward to achieving over the internet and by combining the latest technology with our expertise, we turn their dreams into reality.

Mobihost has been successful in uplifting a wide range of businesses, big and small, with its unprecedented services in the past years. We have helped our customers to grow to new heights by taking care of all their issues and guiding them through the right path. The main highlight of our website hosting services is dependable hosting that is not only easy to use but also provides the desired results and a perfect payback for our customers’ investment.

The Trust of our customers is what keeps us going and it is what we work hard to earn. Don’t take us as an ordinary hosting company. We would like to join hands with you as your growth partners. To keep up with the promises that we make and to future-proof your digital life, we will do anything that seems right.

We do not intend to make sales only. We want to acquire life-long customers.

Our Mission

To strive to achieve digital success for our customers. To be recognized as the no.1 web hosting company not only in the region but around the world as well. To come up with powerful hosting solutions to keep digital life easy and going for customers.

Our Vision

To provide our clients with a strong web presence with unique and practical web hosting. To deliver the best with necessary upgrades over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have come up with a few questions that we regularly hear from our customers
regarding domains and web hosting and tried to solve your queries with the
best possible answers.

With VPS hosting, you get to operate your website on a virtual shared server where you share all of the hosting resources with other websites. Dedicated hosting grants you your customized virtual workspace; your private server to kick start your website.

It’s all available on the Mobihost website. Go through our plans and pick the one that fits your requirements. You can get a managed dedicated server, semi-managed and unmanaged one. Each program has its perks and limitations.

A dedicated server for gaming is a server where a data center is established to host multiplayer online gaming which is easy to access anywhere in the world. It also allows remote players to connect to it for playing games as a community.

No other web hosting service can match our hosting configurations. We offer:
• Intel Xeon Processor
• 32 and 64 GB memory
• Secondary tribes from 1 TB to 2×2 TBs
• Remote KVM
• Hardware Firewall
• 1 Gbps uplink

Yes, here is why you need dedicated web hosting:

• Enhanced functionality through advanced add-ons
• Support for system and server administration
• Powerful and practical configurations
• Increased storage space
• Flexible customization
• Higher speed

Here is what our customers say about us:

We don’t exaggerate but we have managed to earn a 5-star review from our customers for
every single project. Still doubtful? Why you can trust us to power your web presence.
See for yourself.

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