Dedicated Servers are ideal for Larger Businesses
and High-Traffic Websites

Through the synergy of computerized systems and computer systems, Mobihost assists bigger entities
to work efficiently by exploring the unthinkable. We connect multiple devices to enhance your capabilities,
thus productivity. Here are the network services that Mobihost offer;

Directory Services

Through our software dedicated to storing information, organizing. and accessing it without any lag, you can use our directory services for:

• Accounting.
• Domain name services.
• Authorization and Authentication.

Communication Services.

It covers:

• E-mail
• Discussion Boards
• Intranet/Internet chat
• Remote Access
• Social Networking

File Services.

You can share and transfer the files over the network.

• Application Services.

These network-based services feature;
1. Resource sharing.
2. Web Services.
3. Databases.

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