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Welcome to MobiHost Privacy Policy

At Mobihost, we not only claim but also strive to protect our valuable customers’ privacy only to support a safe online browsing experience. In this Privacy Policy, we have written down the information that we collect through our visitors and highlighted different ways for which we use that information. For the convenience of our non-English customers, translations are also available. However, in the event of discrepancies, we prioritize the English version. This website operates under the rules and regulations set by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, and other relevant regulatory authorities that operate in the regions where we are present. When you decide to use the MobiHost website, you comply with the data practices that we are going to describe in the next few sections.

What should you expect to find in the Privacy Policy?

We have written down this policy to cover the information that Mobihost collects through its visitors and define how this information is necessary for us to collect and what we do with it. Also, we will outline the measures through which we protect the collected information and how we consent with the relevant data protection regulatory authorities.

Under the recommended and necessary regulations, Mobihost operates as a data controller for the information that it collects from its clients. In a few cases, we also tend to operate as a data processor for the collected data.
If you want to collect some more information on the data that we collect from our clients, please refer to the section ‘Client-collected information’ below.

Which information is necessary for us to collect?

We tend to collect the information from our clients so that we may deliver the services that they purchase from us. Also, to monitor and improve the experience of visitors with our website. The data that we collect includes but is not limited to the name, contact information such as an address, mobile phone number, e-mail id, fax number, and the necessary billing information such as credit card numbers, and the answers to the security questions. It all helps us to verify the identity of our clients and secure their accounts. Not to forget that we might also refer to contest responses, surveys, marketing preferences, and the information collected through telephone calls, chats, and the support tickets that you submit with us. However, it is for sure that we use this information for business purposes only, and Mobihost, not willingly or knowingly, collects personal information from visitors under 18 years of age.

Let us mention it again. The services of Mobihost and the information collected by it is for business procedures only. We condemn collecting personal information, willingly and knowingly, from the visitors/customers under 18 years of age.

Through which sources do we collect the information?

There are a variety of ways through which Mobihost collects personally identifiable information. The sources are but not limited to;

• Market research surveys
• Online chats
• Telephone calls
• Customer support tickets
• Online order forms

We also would like to mention that some of the information about the hardware and the software that you use at the time of browsing through our website is also automatically collected through the Robo-tools such as Google Analytics. This information includes;

• Domain names
• Types of browser
• IP address
• Reference website address
• Access time

Lastly, Mobihost also collects specialized information from the third parties necessary to provide the customers with products and services.

Please be informed that never disclose your personal sensitive information or personally identifiable information through any of Mobihost’s social media platforms or blogs as such information will be collected and used by third-party sources. In such a case, Mobihost will not be responsible for any misuse of the information.

Why do we need your information? How is it useful for Mobihost?

To provide the required services

The reason that Mobihost is prone to collecting and using its visitors’s/customers ‘ data is to operate its website the better way, to dispatch the services that the buyers request, and to keep the customers posted about the products and services that Mobihost or its affiliates upgrades. But we want to state it clearly that we tend to share the collected information with the trusted third parties, whenever necessary. However, we do not engage in SELLING personal data.

You might come across a few services where you might consent to import your contact information or other relevant information over the website. In such a scenario, Mobihost will not consume this information to fulfill any of the commercial obligations, but only and only to provide the requested service.

Third-Party Affiliations

There are a few products and services that Mobihost offers in coordination with or through trusted sponsors, partners, or affiliates. Such services are termed as ‘Third-party services’. Depending on the requested service and the third-party requirements, Mobihost might charge additional fees or might accumulate such services in the package for free or make it a part of the larger portion of service. To properly program the service bundles and the integration of the third-party services with Mobihost’s patent ones, we might share some of the necessary information with the third parties that we have facilitated with. When it comes to monetary transactions or payments, Mobihost must share the relevant information with the transaction processors. All in all, Mobihost is responsible for splitting only that piece of information that is necessary to execute our services. We do not permit third parties to collect, use, store, or share our customers’ personal data with third parties, only except for those services that they affiliate with us to provide.

For business continuity

There might come a situation when Mobihost might decide to participate in an acquisition or merger or corporate reformation or any of the changes in control. In such situations, it might get necessary for Mobihost to share the collected information with new Mobihost representatives or owners or the business that Mobihost acquires. However, we will make sure to notify our customers beforehand and come up with the possible options that the customers might practice for the scrutiny of their information.

For website analytics

Through the collected information, Mobihost keeps a track record of the pages and websites affiliated with us that our customers prefer to visit. It helps us in determining those services of ours that popularize amongst our visitors. Also, we use this data to customize our content as per the requirement of our clients and advertise within Mobihost to the targeted audience. Again, such data also helps to determine if our promotional campaigns and advertisements produce effective results.

For better communication

The team at Mobihost might get in touch with the customers who order a service with us to update them with the relevant information, proceedings, upcoming monetary transactions, delivery updates, notices regarding functionality changes, and service maintenance.

Our team most likely contacts our valuable customers through announcements, newsletters, and special offers, which we find most valuable for our clients. It all depends upon our customers to withdraw their consent from receiving these communications any time they want.

Mobihost might also display targeted advertising on its portal. For further information, please refer to the section ‘How we use cookies?’ stated below.

Information disclosure

Mobihost and its trusted partners, sponsors, and affiliates are, at some times, required to process or even disclose the information that has been collected from the clients. It is to comply with law enforcement, regulatory, and regulatory requests such as court orders to protect the reputation of Mobihost, its clientage, or the public.

For Registration of domains

To complete the registration process of domain names, it is necessary to provide the collected personal information during the purchase phase to the registrar dealing with the processing of the domain name. This submission goes following the rules set by the registrar and as per those laid out by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) or the other relevant registry in this regard.

WHOIS is a searchable database that stores the information related to the domain registry. However, access to WHOIS has been limited. If you want to protect your privacy, you can opt-out of the option to display your personal information by purchasing a Domain Privacy Service.

Here are the legal grounds to process your information:

Here is what the contract says:

The personal information of the visitors is necessary to provide them with the services that they request. It highlights setting up those services, the payment procedure, and the customer service that we provide to provide our customers with the best.

Here is what you consent for:

Time after time, Mobihost will keep you updated with the special offers and announcements. However, you can also opt to withdraw your consent from these communications at any time you want. All you have to do is to click the unsubscribe link that we attach in the email that you would not like to see in the future.

Here are the legal obligations:

To comply with the regulatory, law enforcement, and legal requests, Mobihost will be required to process the information it collects from its visitors.

Here is how we protect the collected information

To the relief of our visitors, we have instilled a secure and controlled environment to secure the information that we collect on our servers. To protect the hijacking of the information through unauthorized use, access, modification, and transfer of the data, we tend to maintain safeguards.

As much as possible, Mobihost utilizes SSL encryption (industry standard) for the communication of data.

However, we must bring the fact to your notice that despite all the exhaustive protective measures, we cannot guarantee 100% security of the data transmission through any wireless network or the Internet. We make sure to use every tool in the box to protect the collected information. But sometimes, the privacy and security limitations go out of control. No matter how hard we try to protect, some of the data or information might be viewed or tampered with by the third-parties in transit.

The procedure of retaining the information

As long as you decide to keep the services by Mobihost active, we will retain your personal information. At the time you cancel our services, we will proceed by;


  1. Retaining that piece of information that has been stored on other systems for seven years, solely for the audit purposes and for the maintenance of service and tax records.
  2. Retaining that piece of information that has been directly stored on our servers for forty days. Third parties tend to retain the data for a shorter or longer time depending on the nature of service. For further details, you can call us at our helpline.


To comply with certain legal obligations and requests, Mobihost may also retain the data longer than the specified time. However, we will make sure to delete the data when it will no longer be required.

The process of amending the information with us!

At any point in time, you might get in touch with our Data Protection Officer by emailing us at() and request him to grant you access to review, update, and amend any misrepresentations in the data that you submitted with us. To help you in verifying your request, we might request you to provide the answers to your security questions.

When you create an account on Mobihost, you will notice the My Profile section on the Dashboard which you can access to update or modify your personal information. Always try to submit your current billing and contact information with us to avoid any ambiguity.

By all means, you possess the right to get your data deleted with us. Taking into account our contractual and legal obligations, we will try to assist you in the matter as much as possible. However, when you decide to delete your data, Mobihost will not be able to work for you at its fullest or at all.

How do we use cookies?

Cookies are necessary for the personalization of customers’ experience with any website. Mobihost also employs cookies for a better online engagement with its visitors. Cookies can be defined as the text files that a web page server places on the visitors’ hard disk. Cookies do not infect the hard disks through viruses or run programs either. Only the web servers in the domain that issue cookies uniquely to the visitors get to read them.

What are cookies made for? Well, they inform the webserver about the browsing behaviors of the visitors. For example, when you decide to visit a webpage again or register with Mobihost or hire a Mobihost service, Mobihost will be able to retain your specific information that you submitted earlier on your subsequent visits with the help of the cookies. With cookies, the recording process of the necessary information such as shipping or billing address gets easy. With cookies, it is easy to customize the website for visitors.

To ensure that Mobihost works properly, it is necessary to keep some of the cookies intact. For example, those cookies that inform us that our members have successfully logged in with us. Or the ones that we use in coordination with Google Analytics to know how our visitors browse through our site. With cookies, we also customize our advertisements. If you have enabled your cookie settings and visit our website, we will take it as your consent to agree to us for the usage of cookies with your browser.

In case you do not want us to use the cookies, you can disable the cookies option by going to your Browser Settings or install plug-ins to manage or block the cookies. However, by restricting the cookies, Mobihost might not work properly on your browser.

The information that our customers collect from our website

While Mobihost customers decide to collect any data from the decide, they consent to comply with all of the security and privacy regulations. However, we must ensure that none of the users or visitors of Mobihost has a direct relationship with us.

In case you would like any of Mobihost customers to access, amend, correct, or delete your personal information that they collected from the site, contact them directly. If that customer turns to Mobihost for the further execution of the request, we tend to respond within thirty days.

We link to third parties

On Mobihost, we have issued links to other websites as well. You can also register, make a purchase, or sign up for the updates with third parties. These third parties will also collect your personal information such as name, address, contact numbers, e-mail address, and billing information. Mobihost does not control any third party on the execution of the personal information that you submit to them. Mobihost cannot be held liable for the way the linked websites deal with your submitted information. These third-party links are available on Mobihost for the convenience of our visitors only. Mobihost would like to advise its visitors to be careful while visiting the third-party links to avoid any fallacy or at least go through their independent privacy policies first.

Links to social sites

Over Mobihost, we have provided the links to our visitors to log in to the social media handles such as Google+, Twitter, and Facebook directly. Upon using such features and ordering any service, you will consent to provide certain personal information. We tend to store such information with us to grant our visitors access to social sites.

If you decide to not use these social links, refer to the ‘My Profile’ section available on the Dashboard to disable it.

We may change the Privacy Policy

By all means, Mobihost reserves the right to modify or change the Privacy Policy at any point in time. To know about the changes or to stay informed about how we protect your information, keep visiting our website gradually.

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We want to hear from you about our services, website, and privacy policy. If you want us to notify you about something that requires us to make changes in our privacy policy, here is our contact information.