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Do you know why Mobihost VPS hosting is the right hosting
option for you? Because we offer;

Faster speed: Where the regular VPS hosting providers procure the common
Hard Disk Drives, we go by Solid State Drive storage to provide our customers with 20
times faster storage. It helps us in bringing significant improvements to our customers’
websites, their loading time, and overall performance.

Top-notch security: As we have acquired the latest and most trusted software
and hardware firewalls, you can be sure of the fact that your virtual hosting is safe.
We have created certain routine server backups to provide our customers with additional peace of mind.

Customization of VPS: We allow our customers to customize their
VPS depending on their expertise. Through our VPS hosting, you can access your server,
decide on your operating system, and the installation of cPanel.

Responsive customer support: We are available whenever you need us.
You can count on us for your queries about anything related to our VPS hosting. We will sort your problems out.

With Mobihost VPS hosting, you can:

Grow: VPS provides you with
scalability, regardless of the size of your
business. Now you can start from small and
scale as much as you want. We will back up
your bandwidth, CPU power, and additional
disk space.

Surpass your competitors: What your
customers will fancy? The affordable price
tag that you offer to them. With our VPS
hosting, it is quite possible because we
offer you the services at lower costs.

Take control: With our VPS hosting,
you can be sure of the performance and
stability as we fully isolate your resources
in a completely secure virtual environment.
You can control how you want your site
to perform in the digital world.

You can opt for VPS hosting if you need more resources than
Shared Hosting by remaining within a certain budget. While you think of
which VPS hosting plan will work better for you, consider the following
three factors;

How to decide if VPS Hosting is
right for your website?

You can opt for VPS hosting if you need more resources than
Shared Hosting by remaining within a certain budget. While you think of
which VPS hosting plan will work better for you, consider the following
three factors;

  • The Operating System choice.
  • The resources that you may require to host your website.
  • Choice of server management.

VPS hosting usually helps when you possess some basic server management skills and knowledge. However, Mobihost is ready to do it all for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have come up with a few questions that we regularly hear from our customers
regarding domains and web hosting and tried to solve your queries with the
best possible answers.

With VPS hosting, you get to operate your website on a virtual shared server where you share all of the hosting resources with other websites. Dedicated hosting grants you your customized virtual workspace; your private server to kick start your website.

It’s all available on the Mobihost website. Go through our plans and pick the one that fits your requirements. You can get a managed dedicated server, semi-managed and unmanaged one. Each program has its perks and limitations.

A dedicated server for gaming is a server where a data center is established to host multiplayer online gaming which is easy to access anywhere in the world. It also allows remote players to connect to it for playing games as a community.

No other web hosting service can match our hosting configurations. We offer:
• Intel Xeon Processor
• 32 and 64 GB memory
• Secondary tribes from 1 TB to 2×2 TBs
• Remote KVM
• Hardware Firewall
• 1 Gbps uplink

Yes, here is why you need dedicated web hosting:

• Enhanced functionality through advanced add-ons
• Support for system and server administration
• Powerful and practical configurations
• Increased storage space
• Flexible customization
• Higher speed

Here is what our customers say about us:

We don’t exaggerate but we have managed to earn a 5-star review from our customers for
every single project. Still doubtful? Why you can trust us to power your web presence.
See for yourself.

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